Network Marketing

All my life I have relied on my “network” of contacts to help me do my work, no matter who I have been working for.  People love to help and love to be asked to help. LinkedIn has been great for this and it just keeps on expanding.

ALDI explain network Marketing

ALDI explain network Marketing

When I was first contacted about “Network Marketing” or “Multi Level Marketing (MLM)” I suddenly realised that what I had been doing for my employers for 20 years was creating a recurring revenue stream for them, a residual income, the residue being left when some customers left.  I had got paid once and they got paid every year!

But I was, like a lot of Irish people, former subjects of an empire, recent revolutionaries,

How to Identify a Pyramid

How to Identify a Pyramid

then subjects of a church state, I was very suspicious of the go to market model! So I “did my research” on the company and on the method.  I found the company was Limited in Ireland, which meant regulated by Director of Corporate Enforcement and the Comms regulator. When I read the Consumer Protection act, I was worried until I read a line that basically stated:

  • If there are customers buying the product, then there is profit generated and everyone gets paid!

When I looked at the distribution model, I realised that as precisely what I had been working in for years:

  • Someone made computers,

    Does this look familiar?

    Does this look familiar?

  • they marketed them to national distributors,
  • we then broke up the consignments, added things like screens and keyboards and other services and
  • sold them onto our dealers who in turn sold them to the end user customers
  • who paid us or them, maintenance every year to look after them,
  • when we got more products we thought they would buy, we put them into the distribution channel!

The difference was that someone paid a whole lot for advertising.

The similarity was that we used our network of contacts to get orders for each level of the business!

So there you have it, if there are customers paying a fair price for a quality product or service, then there is a margin that pays everyone.

The person who starts the whole distribution channel, takes a little bit of what everyone makes and since there is no advertising, it is unlikely that anyone in the channel would have heard about the products unless someone asked them if they were looking for an opportunity.

Yes I want to make money, I want to make it in this sort of business, because, I cannot make money unless goods and services flow at a profit and everyone is making money!  If I don’t help them, it does not happen!  So I get to help and that is what I do anyway!

What is your “WHY?”, your reason for reading this far?

Contact me!

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