life & Business Coach

Robert Moloney, Life & Business Coach.

Robert is an experienced businessman, who attributes his success to working through people to help them realise and achieve their goals. 

A qualified Electronics Engineer, he has worked in Sales, Sales Management, business Management roles.  In addition he has owned and run an IT business and had great success with his Recruitment business.

A lifelong member of Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club, he has coached and mentored teams from juvenile to adult.

“My passion is in helping people realise their potential, in life, in business or in sport.” 

 Robert believes that most people have the answers; they just don’t know the questions! Hi clients have always said that he has a way with people.   Robert is strong on empathy and passionate about our your ability to define and strive for “happiness”.

Robert has coached and mentored all his life.  His experiences in life, business and sport are now being structured to benefit people who are probably going through the same things.

Prior to becoming a coach Robert worked for Cara The Computer People (Groupe Bull) for 11 years in various roles, he owned and ran his own IT company for 5 years and ran his own recruitment business for 6 years.  More recently, Robert has been involved in the development and implementation of Internet marketing strategies for national and international companies.

With an honours Bachelor of Science degree in Computers & Electronics, Robert was the Gartner Group’s only Certified TCO consultant inIrelandwhile in Cara.   Along with numerous sales and marketing courses, Robert also specialised in Solution Selling consultancy and Creative Problem Solving.

Robert is currently mentoring and coaching individuals in:

  • Increasing sales through effective internet marketing and personal focus, helping them identify where to act, what to do and to believe in their own ability to make it happen.
  • Understanding where they are in their careers and where they want to get to, whether this is in employment or self employment!
  • Realising the importance of their family in what makes them happy and in their careers.
  • Focussing on the positive outcomes of delivering on their capabilities and passions.
  • Realise when stress is impairing their judgement and behaviour.

Robert beings people together, a master networker, involving other skilled people to maximise the individual’s potential.

His life’s work has always being a help to others, now committed to coaching and mentoring, he is putting a structure on what he has always done!

 “Do what you do Robbie!”

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