If you have read the “about” tab, you will know that I am cursed with the affliction of helping people!   I have done it all my life, however, earlier in the year, I was doing a series of sessions with a great life coach, and she asked, had I ever thought of doing the same, what with my experiences, good and bad, I would be able to help people that way?

I am working towards a qualification in coaching and working with a number of people, some of them close friends, others are people I have et at events or through people I know.

I spoke with a couple of serious coaches I have met through the years and one said there was no money in it any more.  Another said, I needed to specialise, become an expert in a particular area.

As it happens, I am an expert in a number of areas as a result of  my life and business experience:

  1. Selling!
  2. Selling! Selling Solutions
  3. Selling! I never regarded myself as a salesman, but with 25 years selling my wares, I suppose I am!!
  4. Getting a business going.
  5. Internet marketing, websites, social media
  6. International Internet business.
  7. Handling a failing business.
  8. Recovering from a failed business.
  9. Handling debt.
  10. Relationships
  11. Positive mind, life!
  12. Coaching, Business and Life!
  13. Proposal and documentation
  14. Recruitment: from the perspective of the candidate, the hiring manager, the recruiter, I been all three!
So I am not specifically a life coach, but I can coach you on getting into business, I can coach you on getting going on the internet, jobs and HR, basically, Selling yourself, Selling Solutions for you and for your business!

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