Me and my business, you and YOUR business!

A friend asked me what did I want him to recommend on

“You could just refer to what you know of me personally, what you think I am good at , personally, socially, business or why you think people might want to connect with me.

At the moment I am making my money from getting people onto the internet, a presence and then keeping that updated and taking on admin and logistics work over the internet and keeping their web advertising up to date.

A spin off or compliment to that is the webshop business, getting people into the utility business with a webshop on every virtual corner!

Most of my work is with the owner Manager and it is the work to get them going, and then advise them, in time, on where they should spend their money: branding, marketing, websites etc. I bring in my contacts at that stage. Although I named my business while still in CARA, it has become relevant again: Selling Solutions. I help people make money, I help them sell.

What I am looking for at the moment, is a client a week, to pay me to listen to them, question them, and then get a simple solution in place: web presence, facebook, LinkedIn etc. and show them how to keep it updated simply. Ideally, I am looking for a monthly retainer thereafter to either do some of the updating or just take calls or sit down for a chat.

I am also still in contention for a game at full back in Division 8, awaiting the big money move!

So, stick with what you think is important about me, rather than what I think!!!


On 07/30/12 3:42 PM, xxxx wrote:

About Robert Moloney, Coach & Mentor

Robert is an experienced businessman, who attributes his success to working through people to help them realise and achieve their goals. A qualified Electronics Engineer, he has worked in Sales, Sales Management, business Management roles. In addition he has owned and run an IT business and had great success with his Recruitment business. A lifelong member of Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club, he has coached and mentored teams from juvenile to adult. “My passion is in helping people realise their potential, in life, in business or in sport.”
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