Gratitude and good vibrations!

I used this post to respond to a discussion on LinkedIN:

I noticed things changed for me the day I just sat in my local church on the way past and just said, “Thanks”.

When I was in serious trouble, as one post above said, I replaced the negative talk and thoughts with anything “health, wealth, prosperity” was one phrase, another was religious “Oh my God, me heart is open, please come rest in it”.

I see the point of the negative nature of repeating desperate prayers, `I like it.

We are all made of electrical/atomic particles, so vibration makes sense. It does take time to see the changes.

I don’t care whether it is the Universe, or God, or which supreme being, but what has changed things for me has been partly outside of my control (my Mother dying), partly within my control: gratitude, replacing he negative talk, trying not to stress about the things I can’t control and trying to do the things I can (not that I do all the time, even MOST of the time) and at the moment I am loving life and building towards the future I want, having the present I enjoy. Great discussion, thank you.

About Robert Moloney, Coach & Mentor

Robert is an experienced businessman, who attributes his success to working through people to help them realise and achieve their goals. A qualified Electronics Engineer, he has worked in Sales, Sales Management, business Management roles. In addition he has owned and run an IT business and had great success with his Recruitment business. A lifelong member of Kilmacud Crokes GAA Club, he has coached and mentored teams from juvenile to adult. “My passion is in helping people realise their potential, in life, in business or in sport.”
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